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    is to safeguard the quality of products, while enhancing training and educational resources and ensuring the ongoing safety of food and beverage processing workers.

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In early 2015, leaders within the aseptic and protein processing industries recognized the need for an organization that brings together food and beverage producers, processors, packaging suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders to address communication, training, and safety education needs and to serve as the voice for the industry. To address that need, key industry players organized the Aseptic and Antimicrobial Processing and Packaging Association (AAPPA) in August 2015.

Since its formation, AAPPA has been working to initiate quickly strategies focused on enhancing worker safety education and training needs. AAPPA will also engage in state, federal, and international regulatory developments impacting the food and beverage industry, advocate for sound scientific research on which to base safety standards and thresholds, and lead efforts in the development of best practices for worker protection, spill clean-up, and other safety areas.

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